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Declaration of value | IZAR

Declaration of value

Global Compact Principles

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Declaration of value

Global Compact Principles


Responsibility for our environment: natural environment, society, employees and contractors we see as our duty.

We believe that business should be conducted in accordance with ethical standards, the environment and the needs of society.

Declaration of value

Facility of Energy Technology IZAR is a dynamically developing production company, one of the few in flexible connections industry in the Central European region. The principles of corporate social responsibility are therefore permanently inscribed in our mission and values.
One of the priorities of IZAR is operating in harmony with the environment. Production of our products meets applicable environmental standards. In 2011 we received Integrated Management System ISO 9001:2009 Certificate, which confirms our strong position in terms of product quality, management procedures, safety and compliance with environmental principles.
We believe that the consistent and systematic treatment of the principles of corporate social responsibility is an effective way to meet many of the most important requirements: improving opportunities for social development, sustainable development, respect for the environment, providing a stable jobs, gaining satisfaction of clients and contractors. Building relationships with the environment in accordance with these principles is the primary target of our social policy.

Global Compact Principles
adopted by IZAR:

  1. The promotion and observance of human rights adopted by the international community.
  2. The elimination of all human rights violations by the company.
  3. Respect freedom of association.
  4. Elimination of all forms of forced labour.
  5. The abolition of child labour.
  6. Elimination of discrimination in employment.
  7. Proactive approach to environmental challenges..
  8. Taking initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility.
  9. The use and dissemination of environmentally friendly technologies.
  10. Combating corruption.


Therefore, we work according to our core values, which include:


Purity is a care of our business of the highest standards of environmental and ecological but also an ethical and fair competition, anti-corruption and human rights violations.
Opennes is the relation of the company to changes the world needs and people's expectations.
Innovation involves for us a special appreciation and protection of intellectual capital which company disposes.